88 days a slave 

If you don’t look into it, you wouldn’t know that all of us backpackers to Australia have to complete a life challenge to be entitled to a second year visa. When I say life challenge, I really mean a challenge! Like the hardest thing you would ever have to do. 

Not only is it hard work but it is just an experience in its self. We have to complete 88 days of agriculture work. Doesn’t sound like a lot right? Trust me it is, although so rewarding once it is completed! 

Unless this is your lifestyle, this really is a shock to the system! I worked doing orange picking, along with a group of random other jobs chucked in as well! Again, I can hear you thinking “orange picking can’t be that hard” well let me tell you now, it honestly is. 

Firstly, I completed this during the winter months in a place called Loxton, which FYI is in the middle of nowhere. Next, it is shit money! But that isn’t the worst of it, because even if it is shit money, you’re in the middle of nowhere so can’t spend it anyway! And then it was cold, backbreaking and exhausting! I think there is a theme to my writing though… the people are amazing. They make it so much easier! I was so lucky to have met such a great group of people whilst completing my farm work I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them! And that is more important than you imagine because you are working and living with these people 24 hours a day! Maybe you get a break from them when you go to the toilet? 

So anyway, farm work. There is a few things you have to think about… 

1. Are you mentally ready? Because it really takes its toll! We would sometimes work 2 weeks in a row then get 1 day off! Routine is good though and just think, you get your days done quicker!               

2. Do you know where you are going? You hear horror stories and to be honest, chances are, you are going to get treated like shit! I’m not saying this is okay at all, but don’t forget this is these people’s livelihood and if you do a bad job it will affect them! (Also most people in this line of work are grumpy old men) AND just count it as day… this isn’t your life career choice so as long as you’re getting your days ticked off it’s good! 

3. Do you have the correct clothing? No point rocking up on a farm with your Levi jeans and new Nike trainers because they will get trashed, I promise! (RIP to my nice trainers)

4. Do you know what your letting yourself in for? Because I sure as hell didn’t! I would not have been able to do my work if it wasn’t for the incredible people I had around me!! Be prepared for a shock to the system when you’re sharing a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom! 

5. Make sure you still have something to look forward to! This helps so much! Farm work is hard! And if you are working day after day.. a party with your friends on a Friday makes the week go by so much quicker! My friend and I also made a little calendar and treated ourselves to something every 11 days! This could be anything from booking tickets to an event when we finished to just buying a nice bottle of wine rather than drinking goon! You Aussie travellers will know how much of a treat this is especially if you are poor! 
So there we have it… 88 days a slave complete and I have now been released from my prison sentence and am back in the real world… a tiny bit overwhelmed but I made it! Let me know if you have any more questions about my time because this really is not even touching the sides! 

Giveaway Winner

Last week I announced I was doing a giveaway to celebrate reaching 2000 followers and today I am happy to let you know the lucky winner of all of my make up goodies is winner is Amy Raeside from Style in Black!

Style in Black is an amazing blog where Amy talks about everything from food to fashion and I love everything she has to say. I love all of her pictures and her fashion style always on point and I would recommend giving her a follow and checking out all of her latest beauty tips which I know I will be doing now I have seen her blog (also she has a reallllllly cute dog!)

So congratulations to Amy and thank you again to everyone for entering my competition I will be holding another one soon and so I look forward to getting to see more of your blogs and I hope you continue to like the content on mine!

Leave your comments below and please give my blog a follow.

IMG_2823IMG_2867IMG_2843IMG_2849IMG_2857IMG_2885IMG_2891This look is really simple yet perfect for a casual night out with friends or family. I really love this sleeveless blazer I got this from my local TK Maxx and it was a great bargain and so this season. I chose the colour black as it goes so well with everything and it is flattering for people of all shapes and sizes. It is perfect for the winter months as well. I have paired this with a black vest top and jeans and to make the look a bit more special I have paired it with some heeled ankle boots. These where a gift from my boyfriend and where from Kurt Geiger. Surprisingly these are actually really comfortable as they have a wedge at the front making it not as high and the curve of the front makes them easy to walk it.

My favourite bloggers UK

I have only recently in the last few months started blogging myself and these gals are the reason why! They are all sickeningly beautiful and all of their photos are stunning. They gave me the inspiration to start blogging myself and are all amazing at it themselves so I thought I would share with you where I get my inspiration from and also where I want to be hopefully the future!

1443211232236Steph is a beauty, fashion and all things girly blogger. She has a tip Tuesday post which has helped me so much getting my blog up and running and they are always great to read. She is so organised and her post are all amazing and whitty. She always looks great in her style and is 22 the same as me! She is also great with html and her blog looks amazing because of it!

Where to start? I am so jealous of this lady! Not only is she stunning, she goes on jaw dropping travels to places I could only dream of visiting. She has amazing style putting things together that I would never think of myself and she is always giving me inspiration on where to shop and what to wear myself!

Victoria is a beauty, fashion and all round life blogger. She has the BEST hair which I want soon badly but can’t have. She has a youtube channel and a blog all under inthefrow where she demonstrates  amazing make up routines and talks about her latest fashion and clothing style (which always,always look incredible)

Ella is a young, inspirational, stunning fashion, beauty and lifestyles blogger as well. She is all about having fun and looking great at the same time (which she does all the time, how is that fair). All of her photos are shot at the perfect angle and light and she is the reason I am always online shopping for the latest style!

I hope you like my post and have a look at these amazing blogs for yourself!