88 days a slave 

If you don’t look into it, you wouldn’t know that all of us backpackers to Australia have to complete a life challenge to be entitled to a second year visa. When I say life challenge, I really mean a challenge! Like the hardest thing you would ever have to do. 

Not only is it hard work but it is just an experience in its self. We have to complete 88 days of agriculture work. Doesn’t sound like a lot right? Trust me it is, although so rewarding once it is completed! 

Unless this is your lifestyle, this really is a shock to the system! I worked doing orange picking, along with a group of random other jobs chucked in as well! Again, I can hear you thinking “orange picking can’t be that hard” well let me tell you now, it honestly is. 

Firstly, I completed this during the winter months in a place called Loxton, which FYI is in the middle of nowhere. Next, it is shit money! But that isn’t the worst of it, because even if it is shit money, you’re in the middle of nowhere so can’t spend it anyway! And then it was cold, backbreaking and exhausting! I think there is a theme to my writing though… the people are amazing. They make it so much easier! I was so lucky to have met such a great group of people whilst completing my farm work I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them! And that is more important than you imagine because you are working and living with these people 24 hours a day! Maybe you get a break from them when you go to the toilet? 

So anyway, farm work. There is a few things you have to think about… 

1. Are you mentally ready? Because it really takes its toll! We would sometimes work 2 weeks in a row then get 1 day off! Routine is good though and just think, you get your days done quicker!               

2. Do you know where you are going? You hear horror stories and to be honest, chances are, you are going to get treated like shit! I’m not saying this is okay at all, but don’t forget this is these people’s livelihood and if you do a bad job it will affect them! (Also most people in this line of work are grumpy old men) AND just count it as day… this isn’t your life career choice so as long as you’re getting your days ticked off it’s good! 

3. Do you have the correct clothing? No point rocking up on a farm with your Levi jeans and new Nike trainers because they will get trashed, I promise! (RIP to my nice trainers)

4. Do you know what your letting yourself in for? Because I sure as hell didn’t! I would not have been able to do my work if it wasn’t for the incredible people I had around me!! Be prepared for a shock to the system when you’re sharing a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom! 

5. Make sure you still have something to look forward to! This helps so much! Farm work is hard! And if you are working day after day.. a party with your friends on a Friday makes the week go by so much quicker! My friend and I also made a little calendar and treated ourselves to something every 11 days! This could be anything from booking tickets to an event when we finished to just buying a nice bottle of wine rather than drinking goon! You Aussie travellers will know how much of a treat this is especially if you are poor! 
So there we have it… 88 days a slave complete and I have now been released from my prison sentence and am back in the real world… a tiny bit overwhelmed but I made it! Let me know if you have any more questions about my time because this really is not even touching the sides! 

Ladies that lunch (or tea)

So the other day my friend took my out for afternoon tea at the most beautiful restaurant called MiuMiu in Maidstone for my birthday and I think this has confirmed to me that I shouldn’t be working and I should be going out for afternoon tea every day.

Firstly the waitress came over with an array of different types of tea for us to try, all looked amazing and mysterious, but then the magic happened. They brought out the cakes. Each one looked as though it had been made by hand but all where tiny and delicately decorated.
There was sandwiches, scones and strawberries! So delicious. We obviously engulfed the whole lot with utter delight! I thought this was such a great idea to treat your friends and I was honestly so happy to have been taken out for the day to do this so if you have any friends birthdays coming up maybe you could do this for them?
IMG_7862 IMG_7859
Once we had finished our afternoon tea we went on to get some cocktails where we had raspberry daiquiri with home made candy floss in and a papaya passion which was scummy!

Always Elizabeth Arden

For a few years now my mum had been telling me I should try different products and I should really look after my skin and its only been recently when I have really got interested in moisturisers and face masks and I have found the most amazing face mask and moisturiser which feels amazing!

Its an Elizabeth Arden product, Ive always thought Elizabeth Arden was for older people but it’s really not.

The face mask is a like a gel and you only need a tiny bit and when I bought it, it came with a little spatula to put on to your skin smoothly. It spreads out really well which is good as the product itself is quite expensive.It has quite a strong smell to it when its on but it’s not too strong to be a problem. 
Once the face mask is dry it’s really easy to peel away from your skin and makes your skin feeling really smooth. The products I got came with a box of little gold oil moisturise pods which are great. I did find the gold pods did leave my skin feeling a bit greasy for a little while and there was quite a lot in them so I was able to spread it down my neck which I feel sometimes gets forgotten about, who actually regularly moisturises their neck? 
The set then came with a small bottle of serum for the skin. I find this really helpful to just top up my skin every few days (obviously use moisturiser every day) but you don’t want to be doing a face mask every day as it will dry your skin out. I would recommend a face mask once a week to keep it feeling smooth and healthy. 

I hope you enjoyed my review and leave comments if you have any other suggestions for moisturiser and face mask products for me to try.

Crazy for coral

Recently I have found an amazing website called Sabo Skirt which is based in Australia and all of their clothes are gorgeous, also the fact they are based in Australia is even better for me because I live in England so it means no one else will have the same!

My favourite colour is coral so coming across this little diamond was great. It’s a great fit and a lovely colour and so flattering!

I feel this play suit goes so well for the evening and the day time dressed up or down. I recently wore it out on for the evening and I dressed it up with some nude wedges and a nude clutch bag.

I think this would look great as well in the day time with some tanned sandles and bag as well.


Cape Verde Dreams

Cape Verde is one of the most natural, unspoilt, beautiful places I have ever been.

Its white sandy beaches are to die and their way of life is fascinating. Although there is a dark side to it which is the poverty I got to witness first hand. I went for a weeks summer holiday and to be honest there isn’t really much to do there so if you are an avid sunbather and reader this is the place for you but when we did manage to get out of the hotel and into the local towns and villages it was a completely different story. Witnessing poverty to that extent first hand has changed my life. It really makes you appreciate what we have and how much we take simple things for granted. Right now I’m typing on my brand new apple mac which I obviously needed (NOT) and they can’t even afford a real apple. My friend and I took some food for the local children from the hotel and some toys and having to teach children of 7 and 8 how to play with bubbles was another thing in itself.

It was amazing though, the beaches were like something off a movie and the food was to die for. They had bananas growing on the trees in the street and coconuts on the beach. The sea was quite strong but watching the waves curl was mesmerising and it was the clearest water I have ever seen. We got the chance to snorkle over a ship wreck and see millions of fish in their natural habitat as well as wading with sharks! I think the tourism will help this country loads and I would really love to hear other peoples stories about this amazing island!
IMG_0952 IMG_0957
IMG_1158 IMG_1159
IMG_0976 IMG_0977

Benefit mascara review

So I have always loved benefit mascaras and have always stuck to the same one. The bad gal lashes. So now they are bringing out more and more I thought I could try some others out and let you all know my thoughts!

I have got the worst eyelashes ever! They just stick straight out and have no curve and are just rubbish basically, so Ive always had trouble trying to get them look feminine.

The bad gal lashes have a big rounded brush and come in different sizes so you can have one for the make up bag and one for the hand bag which is really great for a cheeky top up on a night out. I think the packaging of it is great and I’ve never had any problem with it, it stays clean and looks good. The mascara makes your eyelashes look thick and long but I do find they don’t give me much curve.
The next mascara Ive tried out is the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara. This comes in a metal looking bottle with a rubber brush with little bristles. I never usually like this kind of brush but I have found this surprisingly good. The mascara lasts all day as some mascaras I find crumble off a bit if you get hot and then you end up having black dots all over your face which is never a good look. The bottle looks classy but as far as I know it only comes in the one size although Ive had it in my make up bag a while and it still looks like new. This mascara made my eyelashes have bit of a curl to them and didn’t look clumpy although I feel there is the risk of clumpyness if wearing too much.
My third and final mascara is the ‘Roller Lash’ and the newest of the benefit mascaras. It comes in a pink and black packet with pink writing on the front. The pink lid is quite rubbery which I feel would get quite dirty quickly especially if you have foundation on your hands then pick the mascara up! This has a rubber brush as well as the last mascara but this is by far my favourite mascara out of the three now (yes I have been swayed from the Bad Gal) The brush bends which I found to make my eyelashes have a good curve to them and it makes each eyelash look separated but not like spiders legs which is never a good look. It lasted all day and didn’t look at all clumpy. I give this mascara a big 10/10 and would recommend it!

L et me know your feelings and if you liked my blog!

Flirting with flowers

One of my favourite things to take photos of are flowers so today Ive been out and tried to find as many flowers as possible.

I hope you like my photos as let me know of any bloggers with other amazing photos I can look at and get inspiration!

IMG_0043 IMG_0044
IMG_1300 IMG_1301 IMG_1302 IMG_1303

Date night outfit

Tonight is date night and I thought I would share my outfit with you all.

Today I’m opting for a casual but classy look I feel. We are just going out for dinner then an outdoor cinema so I don’t want to wear anything too cold as it will probably get chilly later in the night but also don’t want to be too over dressed.

Ive opted for a white shirt, grey ripped jeans a hat and black pointed heels.

The outfit in all is quite relaxed, a shirt and jeans, but adding the heels, patterned purse and hat makes the outfit a bit more special.
Ive straighten my hair and added some sun glasses for while its still light and also I feel like sunglasses just add that bit extra to an outfit.
IMG_1295Leave your comments if you like my outfit for the night and I will post letting you know what we have done tomorrow!

Shirt- $12 from Uniqlo
Jeans- £38 Topshop Joni range
Heels – £35 Asos
Hat – £14.99 H&M
Purse- £320 Dolce & Gabbana
Sunglasses – £120 Rayban

New York New York

If any of you read my old blog you would know that I recently visited NEW YORK and I figured what a great opportunity to blog about it again as my last one is gone!
I think New York is up there with one of my favourite places in the world! How many other people say that though? Surly its a sign that New York is the place for everyone! It has such a variety of things to do and people to see!

Although I was a tourist I managed to find some places and events that I think people wouldn’t usually do! For example I managed to catch a concert in Central Park! HOW COOL. It was amazing (and free, bonus) and it was just like something out of a movie and surrounded by New Yorkers was just brilliant to see! Everyone was loving life to the max!

We also went int Soho and went to the sweetest little vegetarian restaurant where I had the most amazing vegetable tagine! It was so different to the main city in times square and was a recommendation for a day of strolling around looking in amazing shops  and eating scummy food!

Ill blog again soon of more of my adventures and why don’t you comment letting me know anything you have done in new york!?!

Chocolate cookie delight

What is more perfect than soft gooey warm chocolate cookies?

Nothing. Except brownies.

So today I’ve attempted to make the most perfect chocolate cookies ever and I must admit they are delicious and so simple to make!

To start you have to get your ingredients
75g cocoa butter
300g caster sugar
1 large egg
a splash of milk
200g butter
275g of self raising flour
then any chocolate of your choice! I used kinder and milky way which are my favourites.

To start you need to make sure the oven is on at 200 degrees then begin to mix the sugar and the butter together. I did this with an electric whisk as the butter was quite hard.
Then you add the egg and mix that in too. Once the egg is mixed in you add the rest of your dry ingredients (the flour and cocoa powder) and mix together. I did this with the electric mixer as well but that was a disaster and covered my whole kitchen in a light dusting of chocolate powder so had to revert back to the wooden spoon method. This is the moment when I found it good to add the splash of milk to be able to stir the mixture.
Once the mixture is stirred use your hands to roll into balls and place onto a baking tray lined with grease proof paper and put into the oven. Leave in the oven for 11 minutes (this seems to be the perfect time) the cookies will look like they are not done but trust me they probably are! Once removed from the oven leave to cool and then enjoy!
Leave comments of any recipe ideas you have for me to try!
IMG_1239 IMG_1240