88 days a slave 

If you don’t look into it, you wouldn’t know that all of us backpackers to Australia have to complete a life challenge to be entitled to a second year visa. When I say life challenge, I really mean a challenge! Like the hardest thing you would ever have to do. 

Not only is it hard work but it is just an experience in its self. We have to complete 88 days of agriculture work. Doesn’t sound like a lot right? Trust me it is, although so rewarding once it is completed! 

Unless this is your lifestyle, this really is a shock to the system! I worked doing orange picking, along with a group of random other jobs chucked in as well! Again, I can hear you thinking “orange picking can’t be that hard” well let me tell you now, it honestly is. 

Firstly, I completed this during the winter months in a place called Loxton, which FYI is in the middle of nowhere. Next, it is shit money! But that isn’t the worst of it, because even if it is shit money, you’re in the middle of nowhere so can’t spend it anyway! And then it was cold, backbreaking and exhausting! I think there is a theme to my writing though… the people are amazing. They make it so much easier! I was so lucky to have met such a great group of people whilst completing my farm work I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them! And that is more important than you imagine because you are working and living with these people 24 hours a day! Maybe you get a break from them when you go to the toilet? 

So anyway, farm work. There is a few things you have to think about… 

1. Are you mentally ready? Because it really takes its toll! We would sometimes work 2 weeks in a row then get 1 day off! Routine is good though and just think, you get your days done quicker!               

2. Do you know where you are going? You hear horror stories and to be honest, chances are, you are going to get treated like shit! I’m not saying this is okay at all, but don’t forget this is these people’s livelihood and if you do a bad job it will affect them! (Also most people in this line of work are grumpy old men) AND just count it as day… this isn’t your life career choice so as long as you’re getting your days ticked off it’s good! 

3. Do you have the correct clothing? No point rocking up on a farm with your Levi jeans and new Nike trainers because they will get trashed, I promise! (RIP to my nice trainers)

4. Do you know what your letting yourself in for? Because I sure as hell didn’t! I would not have been able to do my work if it wasn’t for the incredible people I had around me!! Be prepared for a shock to the system when you’re sharing a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom! 

5. Make sure you still have something to look forward to! This helps so much! Farm work is hard! And if you are working day after day.. a party with your friends on a Friday makes the week go by so much quicker! My friend and I also made a little calendar and treated ourselves to something every 11 days! This could be anything from booking tickets to an event when we finished to just buying a nice bottle of wine rather than drinking goon! You Aussie travellers will know how much of a treat this is especially if you are poor! 
So there we have it… 88 days a slave complete and I have now been released from my prison sentence and am back in the real world… a tiny bit overwhelmed but I made it! Let me know if you have any more questions about my time because this really is not even touching the sides! 

Why travelling has saved my life 

Okay, saved my life is a teeny bit dramatic I admit, in reality it has made my life.

Society cements into our minds about what life is meant to be like and how the correct path should go which, for years, I’ve been right on track to success, should I have continued to follow this. But I took the plunge and by far this is the best thing I’ve ever done. 

Small, blonde and pathetic I decided that I was going to step into the world of solo travelling. Some people may say brave, others say stupid but I don’t care either way. Adventure is something I’ve always been into, wether that be exploring or getting into trouble, count me in and as the saying goes, the world is your oyster. 

From hiking the Grand Canyon and watching the sunset to watching new friends making fools of themselves learning how to climb coconut trees, this is what I live for now. I have no place I can call home, although I will still refer to the place my parents live as home, I’m not sure I fit in there any more. Of corse, there have been hard days, days I’ve felt heartbroken and days I’ve missed ‘the norm’ but it’s also hard to imagine living like that on a daily basis again at home when I can live in paradise. I like the having to find somewhere to go next and the meeting new people, my god have I met so many people along the way, people who I would never have spoken to before and that have opened my eyes to a whole different perspective which I now completely cherish. People I have known for 3 days and cried about leaving (yes, that’s true) as well as people I couldn’t wait to leave!

I don’t know what I want to do with my life now, but I know I want to make a difference and I want to see and experience as much as I physically can.  I want to go and live, not just exist. This may not be for everyone which is fine, but this is for me. You cannot be happy in life unless your happy in yourself and I can say, hand on heart, I am the happiest I’ve ever been and I cannot wait for my next adventure to start! 

DIY christmas gift

I really love giving people presents and there is sometimes too many people to get for or you just want to give something little so this is perfect for that!

I love Kilner jars, they look amazing and they are great to be used again and again so I decided why not mix something really christmassy with a sweet Kilner jar. These are easy to put together and have a really lovely finish to them.

I managed to get these Kilner jars online, they are 75cl jars which are quite small. I have then got some Cadburys hot chocolate powder, chocolate chips and marshmallows and put them all together.

I put 30g of hot chocolate powder into the bottom of the jar using a tea spoon. I then sprinkled some chocolate chips in and then on top some marshmallows making sure they are right to the edges (so that more fit in, the more the better).  I then got some really cute, christmas ribbon and tied it round the edge attaching a chocolate spoon! SO SWEET. These spoons where £3.99 from Lakeland or you can get a spoon mould so you can remake chocolate spoons when ever you like!

I hope you like this idea and leave your comments as I love to hear your ideas.



The best chocolate brownies 

These really are the best brownies so this is the recepie for you so you can try them out as well. 

What you will need:

40g cocoa powder

185g dark chocolate 

100 g milk chocolate 

Chocolate chips

185g unsalted butter

275g golden caster sugar

3 large eggs

85g plain flower
First you will need to add the butter and the dark chocolate into a bowl to melt together. You can do this in the microwave for 2 minutes or over a saucepan of boiling water. The same with the chocolate cookie recipe you need to remember to keep stiring the chocolate so it doesn’t burn. Once it’s melted put it to the side to cool.  

Then you need to get your cocoa powder and your flower and sive together into a seperate bowl making sure there is no lumps in the mixture. 

Once that is done I would say it’s time to turn the oven on. Turn the oven to 160 degrees most ovens take about 10 minutes to wam up. You will also need to get a baking tray approximately 20cm long and line it with grease proof paper. 

Then get a seperate bowl again and add the flour and the eggs together. Get a whisk and whisk these two together until they are a creamy fluffy colour and texture. This can take up to 8 minutes depending on how fast your whisk is. You will also know if this is done if you take the whisk out and it leaves a pattern of mixture on the top of the mixture in the bowl for about 2 seconds.  

Once this is done add the warm chocolate and butter mix in and mix together with a wooden spoon or plastic spatula in a figure of eight motion. The aim is to keep as much air into this as possible so it stays light. Once this is mixed together add the cocoa powder and flour in as well and mix in the same way. 

Once that is mixed together chop or break up the milk chocolate into small chunks and add into the mixture and mix together. 

Then pour the mixture into the lined baking tray and place into the oven for about 25 minutes. You will know when it’s done because if you shake it the middle won’t wobble and it should be coming away from the sides.  

You can also half way through the time in the oven take it out and add chocolate chips to the top and the. Put back into the oven.  

I hope you enjoy! 


Visiting the Queen

Windsor! Where the queen lives on weekends! In her castle.Imagine that! ‘Bye guys I’m off to the castle for the weekend!’ Like the queen speaks like that anyway! HA.

The other week me and my boyfriend went to Windsor for the day and we were able to go Segway! It was so much fun! I fell off. Shock. But all the same it was great! And the location for the Segway was right next to the queens weekend house and I must admit I loved seeing it! I wasn’t able to go into the castle but we got to look around the local town and it was so pretty and there was a sense of royalty in the air. It was a wonderful experience getting to look around this beautiful town on the outskirts of London and if you are lucky enough to go then do it!


Beach life

I love the beach. 

I live right on the seafront you can practically see the sea from my parents house! So when it’s good weather what better than setting up a barbecue or a picnic and heading down there for dinner! We have some brilliant sun sets here on the South east coast of England so me and my friend decided to head down and take some photos of the beach and just have some fun! I hope you like my photos! 

Sunday Waffle Fun

For Christmas last year I was lucky enough to get given a waffle maker and I love it!

In America everywhere sold waffles but in England where I live it’s hard to find anywhere that sells them so to be able to make my own at home it so much fun so I thought I would show you guys how I make them as they are so easy and delicious and if any of you are thinking of a new idea to get into hopefully I can inspire you!

Waffles are so easy to make and they just need a few ingredients.
Ill put the ingredients below and the measurements incase you would like to make them.
First you need to turn on the waffle machine so its warm ready for when your mixture is ready. Then you need to add all the ingredients in to a mixing bowl together, with this recipe you don’t need to add things one at a time I find it seems to mix well together.
Once all the ingredients are in the bowl mix together until the mixture is smooth and not too runny. You will know its ready to add into the waffle machine because if you lift your mixing spoon or fork it will leave a trail of mixture on top of the mixture for a about 10 seconds. You want to make sure its completely mixed and had no lumps in it before adding into the machine.
I would then recommend putting 2 tablespoons of mixture into the waffle machine. It might not look like its enough but once the lid is shut it will spread out into the moulding. Once in the machine leave it for 5 minutes to cook.
Once its cooked you can remove from the machines when its a golden colour and top with whatever you fancy. I recommend nutella and strawberries or Ice cream to finish then enjoy!
IMG_1334 IMG_1335

125 Plain Flour
10g Sugar
1 Tea spoon baking powder
1 Large Egg
135ml Milk
Tea spoon of vegetable or olive oil for the machine to stop sticking.
( This will make about 3-4 waffles)

To get the waffle machine go to http://www.gourmetgadgetry.com

Hope you enjoyed my recipe and have fun making your own!