Friday the 20th May, the day I got to attend ASOS HQ in London and I was so so so excited to get there and see it with my own eyes. I have been shopping from ASOS as long as I could fit into adult clothing and I am a massive fan of everything ASOS from their shoes to dresses and denim.


Asos had teamed up with Keds, a trainer brand that has been running for 100 years this year! 100 years is a very long time so for a brand to still be running after that long is incredible! They are promoting their shoes along with promoting the strong women that surround us as these shoes are perfect for a lady on the go. From their most basic all white style to the funky pineapple plimsole, Keds are going to be massive in the coming up months and hopefully for years to come in the future.

IMG_1696Asos HQ, now lets talk about that. This is the most beautiful building completely classic on the outside then as soon as you step inside it is completely modern. The event was in a large room and when I stepped inside it was full of girls, each and every one of them looking like they have just walked out of a fashion magazine. An industry talk the the Asos experts, Keds and an Asos insagrammer. To start with what an amazing job to work for Asos! I don’t think I could think of a better job at all! Secondly, these ladies are all so inspirational, all working in different aspects of the industry yet each as amazing as the other. They all spoke so wisely, wether that about fashion, social media or what emoji is the best!

IMG_1704IMG_1707GHD were there to make as well to present their new straighteners along with their products. I was lucky enough to get my hair done by an amazing GHD stylist! unfortunately I didnt get his name but he was so good at what he does and really friendly! I didnt want it to end because I love having my hair played with, what girl doesn’t really! These straighteners actually curled my hair leaving it feeling soft and looking amazing and it actually lasted the next day as well, or that could be their amazing hairspray they used on me along with the heat protection spray and shine spray!

I left the event feeling inspired and amazing! GHD were incredible and the Asos representatives where amazing. I cannot wait to see more from Keds in the future and hopefully I’ll be able to get some Keds into my wardrobe soon!


Do you want to get your hands on your own pair of Keds? Click the photos below and check them out now!
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