Skin care to me is as important as eating. Your skin is so precious and you have to take care of it so any opportunity I get to try a new product or add something into my routine I will jump at the chance.

I have seen people talking about the Liz Earle skin care range for a while and so this month when pay day rolled around I thought I would take the plunge and give it a go! Liz Earle started making their products in 1995 with everything they sell being vegetarian also not testing any of their products on animals I feel this is a brand straight away which I feel happy to support! The face that companies still test their products on animals baffles me to be honest, surly we are past that now and advanced enough to know that is not okay?
I have started my Liz Earle journey with two of their products, The hot cloth cleanser and The Skin repair moisturiser and honestly, I look forward to going home and using these products.

IMG_4202Firstly, after removing my make up, I take a small pump of the cleanser onto the palm of my hand about the size of a 10p. Then using the other hand I gently, in a circle motion, apply this into the skin taking it all the way down my neck and onto my chest. I think we, I say we because I do this too, forget about our necks and chests. This skin is a lot more delicate than our face and this shows ageing a lot quicker because the fact that it is forgotten!

I then, using the muslin cloth that comes with this product, dampen the cloth with warm water and then gently remove the product from the skin. This product not only cleanses but it also gently exfoliates leaving the skin feeling smoother and clearer. I then splash the face with cold water, yep this sounds horrible but it has to be done. The cold water with then close the pores of the skin to make sure that no dirt can get into them to clog them up. Warm water opens, cold closes.

IMG_4201Next I move onto the moisturiser and again I take a small amount on the end of each finger and then place on different sections of the face. I then rub in all over the face and leave enough for it to soak in.

I think that the moisturising is actually my favourite part. These products leave my skin feeling SO smooth and soft that I just want to stroke my face (I sound crazy right now!) Honestly it is amazing and I am so glad that I have indulged in these products!

If you would like to give the Liz Earle range a try click Here for the moisturiser and Here for the cleanser because I would really recommend these products!

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