If you saw my last blog post (if not you can by clicking here) you will see that I recently got the opportunity to attend the Madame La La launch party and I wanted to tell you more about the products themselves!

IMG_4090This tan has been founded and designed by a lovely lady called Nicole Dash Jones and she has taken her inspiration from everything summer and LA to design this beautiful fake tan. So we have all heard the stories and some of you may have been lucky enough to actually get to visit LA so were all aware that LA is the land of sun kissed skin, fashion and beauty and this tan is exactly that!
Madame La La is a gorgeous tan that comes in two different shades along with having a face serum which is a gorgeous bronze shade. The first tan is the LA LA Light which is a more natural light shade of brown which is perfect for the lighter skinned girls or guys the second is the Madam La La tan in dark which is very dark but I always go by the saying that brown is best and having used the darker tan it really has made me feel so confident and just amazing being as brown as this has made. Last but not least is the West Coast face serum.

This tan is the first to combine organic ingredients like Coconut water with the beauty industry. With the quick dry tan instantly colours the skin leaving the appearance of cellulite and bumps un-noticable. This tan also smells incredible with the natural ingredients scent taking over the classic scent of biscuit this is a tan which is going to be sticking around for the long run! You can see in the photo below how dark the tan  made my leg compared to my natural ghostly colour. This was taken straight after applying the product and so with a development time of 3 hours you can see the beautiful colour the tan leaves the skin.

I was honestly a little nervous to use the face serum as I never usually tan my face and the body was so beautifully bronzed but I was pleasantly surprised! This applied really easily all over the skin and really did what it said it would and dried within a minute! This left my face matching my body perfectly along with giving me a summer glow which is what I was aiming for.

Like I said before, I would really recommend this product if you haven’t tried it already as I love this tan and everything about it! If you have read my last post about the Madame La La press launch you will also know that they will shortly be releasing their new Bronzing Ball so this would look perfect with the west coast face serum and I cannot wait for this to be available! 

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