My parents have recently been on holiday and my mum clearly knows me too well and when she saw this she said she had to get it for me and I love it! The Lance travel set. I love a palette and this contains everything you could possibly need for a holiday or weekend away.
IMG_3959The smart and stylish black casing is just the start of the luxury this entails. Coming in a black velvet casing so that it doesn’t get scratched printed with the Lancome Rose this added extra touch is the evidence of what a lovely brand Lancome is.

The top compartment has an array of products and colours starting with the top left hand corner, two beautiful concealers in two different tones of beige. Underneath this is a beautiful shimmer blusher. I think this could almost be a highlighter as it is so stunning and has a beautiful shine to it with a subtle pink coming through to make the face glow.

The palette then contains a mini mascara. Yep thats right, it even contains mascara! In the colour black this mascara is perfect for everyone and it has the perfect curved brush to elongate the lashes to make the eyes pop.

It then has EIGHT eyeshadows! I know what you thinking, can this get any better? The shades are all highly pigmented and each a beautiful colour that are perfect for every occasion bringing the palette from a day to night style. The first colour is ‘White duo 01’ which is as it says, a white, then ‘Gold F30’ ‘Pink Quad F30′ Taupe quad F20’ ‘Brown F60’ ‘Dark Grey Quad G10’ and ‘Black Quad G10’. Each colour brings its own piece of magnificence to the table that I actually want the colours to be bigger so that they would take longer to run out! Even better, on the lower draw of the palette, it contains a double ended eyeshadow brush!!

Next lips, the palette contains two lip gloss and a brush to apply these! The first in a drker pink shade and the second a light glitter. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of these lip gloss BUT don’t get me wrong they are always good to have!

IMG_3961So onto the lower draw of the palette. Like I said this contains the two brushes, it also contains a small blusher brush and a sponge and a compact face powder printed with the Lancome rose making this just that extra bit special. Last but not least and I know your thinking what more could there possibly be, two pencils. A white and a brown.

I love that they have included a brown pencil because this can be used for so many things including eyebrows and also to line the eyes to look natural. The white liner is also something I am loving a the moment (you would know if you have been reading my other make up blogs like ‘Evening eye’) this makes the eyes look brighter and is just such a classic its to have in the palette.


This palette screams luxury and the little touches Lancome have put into this palette reminds you why this is such an amazing brand and why they have been around so many years and hopefully they will be around a lot more to come!

Do you like this palette? Do you have any travel palettes you love like this one? Leave your comments below and please give me a follow if you like what you read.

About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


  1. This palette is actually quite nice. When I travel, it’s usually for weeks at a time so I don’t rely on a palette this small. However, for weekend and short trips it’s really great. I’ll have to check this out at CDG or Nice airport duty free this summer. I purchase a LOT of cosmetics at the airport!

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  3. I have this set and am totally in love with it. Eye shadows are elegant and easy to wear in day light without being too dramatic, the blush powder is really pigmented and the color is wonderful! However, I’m not a fan of the concealer and the pressed powder. Oh, mine is darker than yours! 🙂

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