Holiday season is just around the corner and when I say holiday I don’t mean christmas I mean sun and cocktails because thats what summer holidays are all about right? So with everyone starting to jet off on their travels leaving me insanely jealous I though what better than to discuss it with you guys about where I would like to go and hopefully you can give me some more places to add to my list too!

1. Mexico! Okay so I am actually going to get to go to Mexico this year and I am so excited I cannot even explain! With the beautiful sunshine and clear blue waters this is what life is made of, although there is a lot more to Mexico than people originally think including the ancient ruins and the marine animals there is something here for everyone!
2. Thailand! OH EM GEE does Thailand look like heaven or what?! From Bangkok to the Phi Phi Islands this looks like a destination for me! They have incredible wildlife to beach parties lasting into the early hours of the morning on their gorgeous white sand leading to the crystal clear waters, how amazing would it be to just wake up in paradise?railay-rei-lei-beach-thailand-jpg-rend-tccom-616-462

3. Bali! Okay yes so your getting the just of this so far, most of these destinations are hot but cut me some slack its been cold in England for ages now, GIVE ME SOME SUN.

4. Cuba! What a fascinating country being the 1 of 2 of the only countries in the world to not have Coca-Cola?! With the ongoing US trade embargo this country has kept it’s history alive and it looks incredible! With the Vintage cars being used for every day life and the fact people swap houses rather than selling, I need to get here! Sooner rather than later as well!

5.LA/Vegas/Miami. I have been to America once before and got to experience the big apple and this gave me the American bug meaning I basically want to see it all! I luuurrrrvvveeedd it!!! With the giant food and buildings and with so many things to see and do I don’t think I can think of a part of America I wouldn’t want to visit!

6.Venice! The city made of canals! This looks like the most romantic place in the world to me and being in Italy as well just sells it for me because I absolutely love Italy and everything about it! The people are all lovely and they have such amazing food… oh the food….

7.Iceland. This is not a hot holiday!! See, I do have variety…If you have not seen or heard anything about Iceland then you really are missing out. The Blue Lagoon looks like one of the most beautiful places I can imagine and with a chance of seeing the Northern lights I think this would make a fantastic weekend get away!

8. Paris. I put my hands up, I have been to Paris before BUT… I want to go again. I went with my mum about 3-4 years ago now and it was incredible. A city full of passion for everything that steps their way, with beautiful cobbled streets and gorgeous patisseries lining the streets I could go here again and again and again! Also this is a 2 hour train journey from where I live?! Why do I not go here more often!?
9.Holland. Another place in Europe but I love how everywhere is so completely different. Again I have been here before but I was very young and honestly don’t remember it! Famous for their clogs and their tulips (probably can’t get any more opposite from each other) with their many museums and different ways of life to experience I am hoping to be able to visit here again very soon!

10. China. This is completely different to anything else on my life of dream holidays but I feel like China is just something I have to experience! It looks amazing and although a lot of these places are beach orientated I am 100% a city gal! I love the hustle and bustle so I think I would be taken aback with how incredible China would be.

Have you got any places you would like to visit? Have you been to any of the places I have said I would love to visit and if you, what did you do and do you have any tips because I love to hear about what you have to say?

None of the images on this are mine.

About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


  1. Im going to Thailand in june, cannot wait! But your list pretty much the same as mine although i would love to go Jamaica, Kenya, Australia and Ghana- i would love to just travel for a year and see where life takes me

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  2. The best holiday I have ever been on was to Mauritius for 10 nights. Oh my gosh, I loved it so much. My husband and I both agree of all the places we have travelled it was the best. The people are so lovely and the Island has enough to do in that time to keep you occupied but is small enough that you can see most of it while you are there. I highly recommend!

    Britain has been cold and wet for too long, you are right – GIVE ME SUN NOW! 🙂

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  3. This is literally my top 10 ten list aswell!! I would deffo recommend Greece Rhodes.
    Such a gorgeous country, untouched, so much history, blue sees,clean beaches, gorgeous white buildings. We stayed at Hotel-island-blue in Pefkos.
    Thanks for the like on my blog I hope to see your thoughts on my new post! x x x

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