Kylie Jenner has made a massive name for herself over the last few years just by her make up and beauty and of corse being a beauty lover I am a sucker for her look so she is my inspiration for this look.

I have gone for one of her more subtle looks with a gold/brown eye. I started with the Urban Decay pore perfecting primer and then the MAC foundation in the colour NW20. I then take a mac studio finish concealer in the shade NC40 and apply this around the hair line, under the cheek bones and along the nose to make this appear thinner. Then using a damp beauty blender, I blend the colour into the skin as if to contour the face. I then use the Mac studio finish in NC20 under the eyes and in the centre of the forehead to make this appear lighter.
IMG_3774I then move onto the eyes. I used the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 for colours. This time I started from the outside of the eye because if you have read any of my other blogs you would know I usually start on the inside of the eye.

Firstly using the darkest shade of brown ‘Busted’ and the larger end of the brush that comes with the palette I apply this to the crease of the eye and onto the eyebrow bone. I then apply the shade ‘Snakebite’ to the outer corner of the eye and eyelid. Finally I take the smaller end of the brush and then apply the shade ‘Half baked’ and apply this to the inner corner of the eye bringing this from the inner corner towards the outside making sure to blend the gold into the brown.

Next I use a small slanted brush and take the colour ‘Busted’ and shade in my eyebrows to make them darker and more defined.

I then apply the some fake eyelashes. The ones I have chosen for this look are Eyelur natural 100 lashes. I apply these to the eyes and then apply mascara on top. For the mascara I use the Maybelline 2000 calorie mascara in black. This is to make the eyes appear bigger.

IMG_3783Next I use the Benefit Benetint highlighter. I love this product purely for the fact that it is really easy to use and it leaves the face looking so much brighter which is what Kylie Jenner always has! So I apply this to the top of the cheek bones then round and under the eyebrows. I also apply this to the centre of the upper lip by placing a small amount on my finger and then dabbing this onto the skin.

This product is really long lasting and is so beautiful especially as the spring is coming and so the face looks brighter and more dewy.

Finally the lips. If Kylie Jenner is known for one thing in particular is her lips. Now I look ridiculous if I over line my lips like she does so I do just stick to my natural lip shape. I use the Mac shade in ‘Whirl’ and line the lips with this. I then fill the lips in using the colour ‘Velvet Teddy’. These colours are matte and just beautiful and I love them!

And this is my final look. I admit, I look nothing like Kylie Jenner but I have used come of her tricks and made them my own and I really like this look so I hope you do too!

About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


  1. Loving your blog doll. Will link to your post on my Poshmark — am currently selling Velvet Teddy and another similar color inspired by Ms Kylie so your post is the perfect intro for beginners!! So much love, H xx

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