Halloween is the one time of year a girl gets to dress as a slut and it be acceptable, except in my case I want to dress to be as scary as ever so I have decided this year to dress as a skeleton and I am going to let you in on exactly how I got my look.

I used the Snazaroo face paint in black and white for my look. I actually got this off eBay for £3.15 each. I am then going to use some basic make up sponges and then 2 small eye shadow brushes for the detailing, one being a round brush the other being a thin slanted brush.
IMG_3117Firstly using a sponge I paint my whole face white and I take this down my neck towards my collar bones trying to make this as even as possible.

IMG_3119Then using the round brush and the black paint, I outline the edge of my nose and then colour half way up my nose. At the top where I have colour I then create a heart shape so to make the nose look like it would if it was a gap.

Using the same brush I then colour around my eyes in black going right up to the top of my eyebrows and then under the eye to about the same distance. Using the slanted brush I then draw a flick in the top centre of the eye to create an angry look for the eyes. On the outside edges I also draw some flicks as to make the eye circle look slightly cracked.

Using the thin brush I then draw some line from the centre of the lips outwards. This is to make it look like old teeth on my face. I draw eight lines on the top and bottom lips making sure they get thinner towards the end so that it looks faded.

In the centre of the lips I also paint them black to make the mouth more defined and to make the teeth look like they have more separation.

IMG_3123I then move onto the jaw. Firstly I start in line with the eyes and using the round brush I drawling the hair line going in a slight curve on the cheek bone then going back into the jaw. I then follow the bottom of the cheek bone towards the mouth where you would usually contour, using the black to create a line then finishing with a downwards flick towards the mouth. At the bottom of the jaw I then painted the underneath black and brought it up to the side of the ear.

I the created a small semi circle shape to fit in with the curve front the line under the cheek bone. I then continued to join that up an go to the end of the teeth under the lips finishing in a point. Once this is done and all the lines touch I fill this in with the black paint. This leaves the face looking more gaunt and thinner.

IMG_3125I then continue to draw a black line around the edge of the face crossing over in going onto the forehead to make the head look cracked. I use the thin slanted brush to gently draw around some shading in the bends of the jaw as well.

To finish the look  I take a sponge and use the black paint to make six lines on the neck to act as a shadow making the white paint look like my neck bones.

About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


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