Having a colour on your lips just makes the face I feel. Everyone looks at the lips and if your anything like me I am obsessed at the moment. Everyone is all over the bigger lips and the different colours especially as its coming into autumn there is so many ranges of colours and shades to try out! Recently I have actually been testing out some different lip gloss and thought I would share with you my feelings.


IMG_2930Firstly I have been using the Sexy mother pucker lip gloss, this can be purchased in your local boots and is part of the Soap and glory range. This is a lip plumping gloss. At first when I tried this I honestly thought my lips where on fire as after about 30 seconds the gloss makes the lips start to tingle, bringing the blood to the surface makes the lips appear bigger. Strange I know right, but it works! The tingle lasts a few minutes and then your left with lips looking incredible! This is in a soft pink colour and just adds a gentle shimmer to the lips making them look amazing.

IMG_2929I then have been trying out the Stilla lip glaze in a darker pink colour. This smells delicious (tastes okay too if you accidentally lick your lips which I obviously didn’t do). I really love the colour of this and how it is applied. It is in the form of a pen with a twist end which when twisted releases product from the opposite end making it an even application on to the lips. Being a glaze I did feel that it left my lips feeling a bit sticky but the colour did remain showing for quite some time.

IMG_2928The final lip gloss I have been trying id the New Kid cosmetics rolling wand lip gloss. This is in a more coral colour than the others which really would be better in the summer as it is very bright, whereas in winter I would always go for a darker colour. I felt like this gloss didn’t last that long compared to the others but it did have the desired affect at the time when applying. This lipgloss is applied with a stick so the usual way lip gloss is applied which is great and also affective for application. 

I feel like my favourite of the three is the Stilla gloss and I would recommend this product if you are looking to invest in a new lip gloss any time soon. Thank you for reading my post, please leave any comments below and hit the star to like!

About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


  1. I agree that the lips make the look complete! But it’s always hard to know which products will work well. So thanks for the info on these! Maybe I’ll to go pick one up. I think the sexy mother pucker would be fun to try!

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