Firstly, explanation of out out. Out out is when you are going out and you are getting completely dressed up and possibly going to have a few drinks a boogie compared to just going for dinner or to a friends house, make sense?

I am not a massive party animal like many people my age but when I do go out I like to go full out my looks and this is one of my favourites which I thought I would share with you today.

Firstly I used the ‘That gal’ primer from Benefit as this has a slight glimmer to it and a pink undertone which is great for a night out. I then use the Estee Lauder foundation in shade 02 as I find this had a more matte finish than the Mac foundation which i usually use. This also has a really long staying power which is great for when you  are going out and there is the likely chance you will get a little bit sweaty from dancing so much!
 then went on to the concealer where I used the Mac canceller in NC20 under my eyes and on any blemishes which I am unhappy with at the moment. Once I have these covered I use the beauty blender sponge to blend this in.
I then go on to the contour palette where again I use the two centre colours called ‘Banana’ for under my eyes, the centre of my forehead, chin and down the centre of my nose. I then use the colour ‘Fawn’ to add a shadow under my cheek bones, around the edge of my forehead and nose.
Once this is done I go on to the eyes, I use the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 (this is surprising right?) for all of the eye shadows I used in the look starting by applying the colour ‘Foxy’ over the whole eyelid as a base colour. I then use the colour ‘Verve’ using the larger end of the brush in the palette starting by applying this from the centre of the eye towards the outside going about half way across the eye. I then use the colour ‘Pistol’ doing exactly the same as the last colour but working in the opposite direction so starting from the outside moving inwards. I then used the smaller end of the brush apply the colour ‘Blackout’ for the outer corner of the eye going in a diagonal like where eyeliner would go and along the crease of the eye. Using the larger end of the brush again I then blend the black colour into the eyelid and other colours to create a more blended smokey look.
PicMonkey Collage11
IMG_2615I then used the L’Oreal eyeliner to create a thick flick from the outside into the eye to create a more cat like looking eye. I think having a flick also makes the eye look dark on the outside to add extra affect to the smokey eye look. I then get a white eyeliner, I am using the Rimmel soft kohl liner and draw along the lower water line of the eye to make the eye look bigger and brighter.

IMG_2620IMG_2619For this look I have also used the Mac gel eyebrow in the colour light to make my eyebrows more defined. I have chosen to use this product for this look as I find the  gel lasts longer than the eyebrow pencil or powder palettes and if this is for a night out you don’t want your eyebrows to fade or rub off throughout the night.

We then move on to the eyelashes and when going for a night out I want my eyelashes to look long and luscious (which is virtually impossible for me as my eyelashes are tiny) so I have used my eyelash curler which is just a Superdrug own curler. TIP ALERT, when using an eyelash curler if you blush the hairdryer on the curler before use and make it warm, not hot because it still has to go near the eye, then curl the eyelashes it has the same affect of using a curling tong on the hair and makes the eyelashes stay curled for longer! I then use the benefit ‘They’re real mascara’ to make the lashed look darker and longer. I apply this to the top and bottom lashes.
IMG_2621For the finishing look I use lip liner by Rimmel to cover the whole lip, the colour is a dark pink plumb colour. I then use the Mac ‘Velvet Teddy’ on top to add a more matte look. I also love this colour and feel it is great for every occasion. I hope you like my look, leave your comments below and give me a follow and a like!
PicMonkey Collage12

About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


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