Autumn has only just begun but the new trends are all ready to go and they are coming in fast especially as it has now been New York fashion week and London fashion week which brought forward so many amazing looks for the seasons to come.

At the moment I really love the long sleeveless blazers. They are everywhere and I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a bargain blazer at my local TK Maxx. TK Maxx can be a bit hit and miss but at the moment my local store has some amazing products and I was so excited to find this!

It is black which is perfect for me and I love being able to just throw it on and it can go with pretty much any outfit plus it will be in trend for so much longer as black is always in fashion. I paired this with a pair of jeans, these are from Topshop in the Moto petite range. These are my go to jeans I find that Topshop are the only place that I can get jeans that fit as I am so short and everyone else is too long!

I am then wearing a black long sleeve top, this is from H&M so it goes without saying that it was a bargain. Long sleeve t-shirts are a must have for the winter months, they are warm and go with everything! They are also so comfy as the H&M ones come in a stretchy fabric which makes them so easy to wear.

Ive also paired this look with my black ankle boots from H&M which you can see in my previous post ‘Winter warmers’.

Overall this is just a comfy, casual outfit yet affective. Dress this look up with some jewellery and a nice bag and you are in for a winner all day!

IMG_2401IMG_2388IMG_2381IMG_2369IMG_2350I hope you like this look and leave your comments on like below!

About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


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