School. You start before you can even remember and spend you whole childhood there. Everyone always says school is the best years of your lives and I completely disagree. Why do adults want you to worry about your future by saying this, making you think that as soon as you leave school it all goes down hill?! Surly they should be letting you know about the real adult life right?!

Okay so yes you have to pay bills when your an adult and this is obviously never going to be fun but it also gives you this sense of freedom. Those bills which you are paying are so you can be free and do whatever you want you earn what you work for! When I was younger and growing up, yes it is great having everything done for you but then again there is so many rules. Everyone is telling you what to do, giving you food to eat, commenting on what you wear. Whereas once you grow up you have so much control over your life! You can do what you want when you want with who you want. You can make your own mind up and make your dreams happen.

I was always so worried when I was at school about having the latest bags and clothes and I had serious issues with sticking to rules (sorry to all my teachers). The best thing about school was the social side, seeing your friends every day and gossiping about the latest boy band but in reality you can still do that when you grow up. On the weekend you would have to borrow (and never give back) a fiver or so from your parents so you can go to the cinema and then surprisingly enough they then have to drive you to meet your friends as for some reason ten year olds can’t drive. Now Im grown up I can see that I can make up my own mind when I want to go out and when I want to go home and it is brilliant and you really don’t have to worry about having the latest trends or having the best things as that really isn’t the important things in life. If I am unhappy I have the power of my life to change it and so do you! School will not be the best days of your life they are still to come so if you are going back to school for another year and are worrying about it, DONT. You have so much to look forward to!


About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


  1. Interesting perspective! Childhood and adulthood both have their unique freedoms and limitations…what I really like is how you mention we should always be dreaming, instead of stressing about bills and things. I feel like we either live too much in the present or past. But yes, adulthood has things to look forward to as well. 🙂

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