Fake tan is one of the best inventions ever. The sun is so damaging to the skin and yes you hear about it on the news and social media all the time but I don’t think everyone actually recognises how serious it can be and how awful it can be once your skin is damaged. You only get one body and it really is so important to look after yourself.

Everyone wants to be tanned, especially in the summer and us girls go to all lengths to be the golden goddess we secretly are and don’t get me wrong I admit I have not always been the best at looking after my skin and have had my fair share of sun beds but recently I have really been looking into how much the sun can do and it honestly is shocking! Moral is the story is that you should stick to the fake stuff!


My favourite brand of fake tan is Fake Bake. This tan is used by people all over the world and I can understand why! It is amazing! They have so many different shades and application methods so I’ve tested a few and now thought I would report back.

The first tan I have tested is the beyond bronze self tan lotion. This comes in a really pretty pink bottle. This comes out in a dark syrup like cream. The best way to apply this is by using a tanning mitt. Whenever using fake tan you should always use a tanning kit to avoid that awkward orange hand the next day as that is not a good look! This fake tan doesn’t leave a smell once it is applied but the thing is it is quite hard to know if everything is spread evenly this can sometimes result in a few streaks, I have found the best way to avoid this is when the lotion is still wet to use the tanning mitt and rub in a circula motion.


The next tan I tried was the fake bake airbrush. This comes in a can and you have to spray it at a 30cm distance away from your body to get a full coverage. This it really great as it is really rare to end up with a streaky tan although I would still recommend using the mitt to spread it evenly around the body. This tan is really subtle and natural looking which is amazing.


The last tan I tried was the Fake bake Flawless. This comes in a plastic bottle with a squirt lid to apply the tan. The tan comes out darker than the Airbrush tan but not too dark. This tan instantly shows a bronzness to the skin which is perfect if you are having a last minute top up. If rubbed in correctly it doesn’t leave streaks although it is more likely than the air brush. I think this is my favourite tan as it is so handy and I love the colour it leaves! All of the fake bake tans leave the skin smelling great as it is sometimes a worry that you will end up smelling like biscuits! I would recommend fake bake to everyone!


I really hope you like my review and leave your comments and thoughts!


About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


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