Windsor! Where the queen lives on weekends! In her castle.Imagine that! ‘Bye guys I’m off to the castle for the weekend!’ Like the queen speaks like that anyway! HA.

The other week me and my boyfriend went to Windsor for the day and we were able to go Segway! It was so much fun! I fell off. Shock. But all the same it was great! And the location for the Segway was right next to the queens weekend house and I must admit I loved seeing it! I wasn’t able to go into the castle but we got to look around the local town and it was so pretty and there was a sense of royalty in the air. It was a wonderful experience getting to look around this beautiful town on the outskirts of London and if you are lucky enough to go then do it!


About the Author facecameraaction

Hi! Im Freya. Im 23 and this my escape from life into my own little world visiting, tasting and trying the things I love! Hoping that everyone will enjoy my posts and give others ideas of what they would like and hopefully I can steal some ideas back!


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